No matter how much you prepare yourself or read parenting guide, nothing can get you completely prepared for becoming a mom or dad. It’s full of surprises; try not to stress, instead get some time to relax.

First Few Months are Real Torture

There is no proper agenda or time table when a small baby sleeps or feels hungry! If one routine continues for one week, there could be a drastic change in next week. Baby’s sleep can be erratic and their cries can be disturbing. Moreover, the first few months are really tough for a mother; if it is the first time, then she may find breastfeeding very hard and painful. If you have peace of mind in the first few months, then you can survive anything in this world!

It is a nice feeling to become a parent, but, first few months could be really tough, if you have no one to support. You can’t sleep well as the baby can keep you awake throughout the night. Infants do not always sleep. During the first few days, they might sleep for 18-20 hours and then next week, they may sleep for just 10-15 hours and then for less than ten hours. Not all babies sleep at night times and some sleep throughout the day and play in the night, without knowing that you’re disturbed by their new behavior!

You Will Lose Sleep

Toddler and infant stages have sleep issues; you might have to get up once in every 2-3 hours to check your kid, whether it’s sleeping peacefully or whether it needs food. There could be major changes in timetable between you and your kid’s sleeping time. Once it becomes 2 or 3 years, you should think about schooling and other things. You will have difficult time in managing a proper sleep time. Do not begin a nighttime or sleep habit or else, it would continue until your kid reaches college!

Don’t Need a Lot of Baby Clothes or Stuffs

Burp clothes, bibs, teething rings, sleep hammocks, play mats, bouncy chairs, swings, car seats, strollers and swings- there are a ton of baby’s products. You don’t need all to calm or keep your baby happy. Do not spend money on baby clothes, as kid’s growing cycle is rapid and clothes that you bought last month might not fit them now.

Lifestyle Changes

Once you’ve a kid, time and lifestyle changes; if you’ll have to go to store for 5 minutes, don’t be surprised, if it takes you 50 minutes, if you’re carrying the baby. You might have been missing late night movies, long dinners and if planning for any of these, ensure you’ve someone along with you to take care of the baby. Or else your whole time goes worrying or talking about the baby.

These are just few things that you need to pay attention to when raising your kids.

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