Monsoon is a great season that every traveler loves to enjoy by visiting the best locations around the world during this season. The magic of this season adds sprinkles to nature’s beauty and gives an exotic experience to all. It offers many peculiar experiences that the other seasons can’t ever do, such as watching rain by standing under a canopy, enjoying rain shower, and many other soul-soothing experiences. If you love to travel to enjoy monsoon in the best places, here are your top choices in Asia.


Thailand is the prime exotic destination that tourists prefer to visit always. This less crowded area encases natural blessedness with eye-stirring scenic views and infinite flamboyant places. This country is best to visit during the monsoon season. You can visit National Parks like Ang Thong Marine Park and Patong Beach of Phuket to enjoy your trip during this season. There is no dearth of places and interesting things that you can do in Thailand.

Sri Lanka

Almost the whole country remains completely drenched in monsoon except some regions. You can see heavy rainfall in southern regions the most; however, the northern regions, including cultural Triangle and east coast, face high temperatures with minimal rainfall. Sri Lanka houses some of the best national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The whole of Sri Lanka monsoon season is worth experiencing. The cozy accommodation in this island nation can make your vacation warmer and more memorable.


Monsoon in Japan is worth enjoying. In the month of July, most of the parts of the country are soaked up in rain and the weather is really pleasurable. The heaviest rainfall happens every year across central Japan and in Honshu; however, there’s minimal rainfall in Okinawa during monsoon. June is completely a rainy month in Tokyo. The flamboyant heavy showers in the whole countryside please the visitors to a great extent and make the views more pleasant than ever before.


Malaysia is a country where you get a chance to feel the surreal lushness of nature during monsoon season. You can do diving and snorkeling on the east coast as the weather there in monsoon is dry with the perfect sea conditions. July is peak season and people love to spend time here during this time. There are a number of attractions you can find in Malaysia and you can explore the nature’s beauty by camping and trekking to enjoy to the fullest.

Add these countries in Asia to your itinerary this monsoon vacation for a memorable holidaying experience.

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