Chinese cuisine is rich in flavour and there is something new to be discovered every time that you pick up the phone to place an order. Your taste buds will be tantalised by every mouthful that you are taking.One of the most vital parts of any Chinese takeaway is the sauce that the meal is cooked in. You should choose a takeaway that offers both meat and vegetable dishes in a wide variety of different sauces.

What are the different sauces that you can have on your Chinese takeaway?

Black Pepper Sauce

Black pepper sauce is an extremely popular choice for people who are ordering their food from a Chinese takeaway in Bristol. The sauce is particularly delicious when it is coated on some beef, which can be served with sticky rice.

You might also want to have black pepper sauce on chicken with some noodles.

Tian-La Sauce

The first sauce that you might want to try from the Chinese takeaway is Tian-La sauce. The dishes that use this sauce have an extremely interesting flavour. You will feel sweetness, spiciness and pepperiness on your tongue as you are eating. The Tian-La sauce is accompanied by broccoli, chillies and mangetout.

You can have this sauce with a wide variety of different dishes. For example, you might choose to have chicken and thick noodles with the Tian-La sauce.

Curry Sauce

When you order a Chinese takeaway, you might want something that is going to make your tongue sizzle. This means that you should order a dish with some Chinese curry sauce. The curry sauce can be made milder, and it can be mixed with peas, onions and mushrooms.

Black Bean Sauce

Black bean sauce is extremely satisfying and will enhance your meal greatly. There is a very deep flavour to the black bean sauce, and you should try it with some tofu.

Sweet And Sour Sauce

As the name suggests, sweet and sour sauce incorporates those two flavours. This is one of the most popular types of sauce that is available on the menu of a Chinese takeaway. You will want to try this kind of sauce with some chicken.

Satay Sauce

Satay sauce has a very fruity taste because the main ingredient is pineapple. The flavour of the pineapple is offset by chillies and nuts. The best kinds of dishes to have with the fruit based satay sauce are pork ones. You can have the takeaway make your satay sauce to exact specifications.

Peking BBQ Sauce

Peking barbeque sauce gives the meat a very sweet and smoky flavour, which is perfect for any kind of meat that you want to eat. You could order some Peking barbeque pork ribs before you order a different kind of meat for the main course.

The variety of sauces means that you will never order a boring meal from the Chinese takeaway. You should sample as many different sauces as you possibly can.

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